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Nova Scotia Ramblers Bicycle Club

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Welcome to the Nova Scotia Ramblers Bicycle Club website! The Ramblers strive to be a very social, relaxed paced bicycle club; one that appreciates the exercise aspect, without the competitive stress in having to maintain pace lines. The distances are generally moderate, suitable for new cyclists as well as folks re-entering cycling after a period of absence. We look for scenic trails that are suitable for cycling as well as quiet back roads in beautiful rural settings. We tend not to ride in rain, as the trails can get soupy. And of course, we seldom pass a good café, chocolate outlet, winery..... you get the picture.

Ramblers at coffee

The Ramblers has been designed to be an adult club, as the trail rides, day tours and multi day camping events are centred on adult activities. Membership is open to all. Membership is $10.00/yr.

We welcome newcomers, who may “test ride” for one trail or day ride (only); although waivers / applications need to be signed to ride with the Ramblers. We have many seasoned cyclists willing to share their knowledge on all aspects of cycling, camping and the like. Be sure to read "Your First Ride".

Your 2015 Board

President - Gord Kyle, Sackville
President - Gord Kyle, Sackville
VP Tours - Sandra Bennett, Windsor
Vice President; Tour Planner - Sandra Bennett, Halifax
Lynn Lindeijer
Registrar/Treasurer -Lynn Lindeijer, Bedford
Dave Bordian
Secretary - David Bordian, Cole Harbour
Director - Fred Lindeijer, Bedford
Director - Fred Lindeijer, Bedford
Director - Tom Pinsent, Dartmouth


Bob White: Club Historian/Ambassador, Membership/Training Lead
Webmaster: John Hawkins, Chezzetcook
Past Director: Jason Roth, Hubley

Listen for the cry: “Ladies and gentleman – to your wheel!!” Come and join the Ramblers and relive the past!!

Ramblers list server

The club maintains a list server so members can receive news about rides or communicate with the group to buy or sell, to arrange off schedule rides, etc. By checking the subscrition box on the application form, members are automatically added. You can unsubscribe at any time by using the link that appears at the bottom of every message.

To post to the list send an e-mail to ramblerslist@googlegroups.com. 'Reply' goes back to the sender; 'Reply All' goes back to the entire group. Only members can post. E-mail address are not revealed beyond the group.

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